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I recently revealed info to a coin site regarding scams and cons of WRME. The person posted on his website info from an "insider" who worked at a call center.

I said the call center is Not related to WRME, not in the same city, that we took orders only, that I was yelled & screamed at, cussed out many times a day, when we were forced to call people to try and get them to order more merchandise, who thought we were calling from WRME. I said I never saw any quarters, Presidential dollars or anything else they sell! I heard from people who said customer svc never called them back, ficticious chgs on credit cards for things they never ordered, etc.

Today, WRME now threatens the site w/ legal action to reveal the "source of the lies, libelous and fraudulent information about us, so we in turn can take legal action against your source.."

They also said they don't sell the heaters or vitamins which some of you have mentioned here, that all call center employees are located inside WRME world hdqtrs, that all their merchandise is in the bldg for employees to see, & no WRME employee is more than 50 miles away. (Isn't that convenient? They said "no WRME emp.", Knowing the call ctr employees are Not WRME!) I was never employed By WRME, and am over 300 miles away. Comments from you former WRME employees that can substantiate the info that outside call ctrs are used, about the heaters, vitamins, lies they are telling? Any attorney or consumer advocate care to comment on legal rights regarding the coin person being "compelled" to reveal his source, or regarding their threat to sue me? Thanks!

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Heat Surge Amish fireplaces, WRME, and patent health are all part of the same parent company, calls are outsourced to a call center company for the sales line. Workers at call center work in a completely different state than the customer service and warehouse and never have interactions with either.


Hey, I'm so mad I didn't think of a way to bilk senile old people out of $300 for $31.50 in coins. Bummer.

But you know, those 250 nickels will never be worth less than five cents each, even if the *** who bought them paid 50 each for them!!

Absolutely pathetic, my six year old child wouldn't be *** enough to give someone $300 for $31.50 of genuine uncirculated money, which at the end of the day wouldn't pay for one bag of groceries.

Chalk this one up to being as great as the "Amish" fireplace. If someone is ***/senile enough to buy one, then maybe it's time to check into the assisted living facility or nursing home.


They do sell the vitamins and heaters.... it's all lumped into Universal Syndications.

Same owner, everything. The merchandise is in the same building. The calls all came into the same call center..

but there are other call centers who take the calls too. But heaters,vitamins, and coins were not seperated by call centers.

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