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WRME is wanting to only reimburse at face value of prez coin and take 5yrs to do it. I paid in full in one payment, and since the prez program is not quite halfway through, I expect at least 50% of my initial payment.

WMRE wants to reimburse us approximately half of what they should be, that's bs. This company is a total ripoff.

I can't believe I even fell for their terrible ad in the paper' should have known better. How can they say the program over when I've seen the gov say it's not

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ATTENTION: All Concerned WRME Customers

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph

is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Many of you have posted similar complaints here on this Forum

indicating that you, like me, are unhappy with WRME's Presidential

Dollar Collection and their options for resolution.

Some of you have mentioned a Class Action Suite and expressed

a desire be included or receive more information regarding it.

To date, there is no cause for one, due to the relative few of us

who have begun to voice our complaints.

However, anyone who is serious about getting WRME to give us

a fair and just remedy to the present situation should register a

formal complaint through the Consumer Affairs Department at

the OHIO STATE ATTORNEY General's website:

ohioattorneygeneral DOT gov

[WRME Headquarters is in Ohio]

You can also sent a written detailed complaint to:

Ohio Attorney General

Mike DeWine

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Registering a formal complaint will be the best way to initiate the

class action process. If Mike DeWine receives many similar

complaints naming WRME, he may pressure WRME to resolve

this in a more expeditious manner.

Those of you who took the time to post to this forum could just

as easily register your complaint with the Ohio Attorney General,

and that may actually bring more positive results. At the very least,

it will bring this to the attention of the proper authorities.


Read my comment again, Mandi. You missed the point on how silly your option A is.


Option A is actually an agreement to let WRME delay performance on their contract for an unlimited amount of time without incurring any additional liability. The net present value of my advance payments, plus 8% compound interest,for the 20 sets of coins they have not sent amounts to over $600, and they want to pay me face value, $260.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #431730


This is an option being provided to customers who are unwilling to wait until we hear a final answer from the US Mint regarding the availability of the coins. You can choose Option A only and simply wait until we have an answer - with this option nothing changes with your account/order. Then, once we have a final answer, you will receive another communication letting you know what was decided.

Please call me directly if you have further questions. 330-244-4121


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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