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I am also disappointed with World Reserve. I ordered 2 sets of the President Coin with frames.

It actually cost me more than I expected. I was originally receiving 2 sets of certificate but after a year they started sending me one. So i have to call them all the time to send me the second one for my second frame. But last May or June 2011, when I called them i was told that they sent out a letter informing us that they will start charging us for the certificate @ a discounted price.

I told her I did not received any letter and it is very unfair on my part because I am fully paid already. The lady I talked to said that they were not able to anticipate the additional cost of printing it etc etc. On top of that they are always late in sending out the coins.

I have to call them for the status. I am not sure what will be my action is if this issue is not resolved.

Glenda V

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Lakeview, Oregon, United States #353417


If you can call me I'd be happy to arrange for you to receive 2 certificates with each release. I can also send you extra copies for the coins you only received one with. I can be reached at 330-244-4121.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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