I ordered and paid for the $2 bill collection from World Reserve Monetary Exchange almost two years ago. I ordered to collections for my daughters. From moment one I have dealt with problems from this company as their shipping department didn't even send me the entire partial orders (as the orders were supposed to be sent in installments, as were the payments made for these partial orders). I have had to call their customer service on numerous occasions and have still yet to receive my product or a valid excuse other than the product is on back order. Seriously…for eight months? What is going on with this company? I have asked to return both partial collections since they cannot fulfill the order I have already paid for over a year ago. I am sure Jerry Michaels will not respond to my latest email concerning why I have not received my product, but I have come to expect the lack of response and horrible treatment of customers with nothing but being given the run around.

Fix the problem World Reserve Monetary Exchange! Stop telling customers to mail in their complaints when you have a fully functioning customer service center and empower your supervisors to resolve the real issues. I should have been called by your company rather than having to continuously call you. What would you do as a customer of a company that had not fulfilled its obligations to you after you paid for a product you did not receive? I can guarantee you would not tolerate this sort of treatment.

Other consumers be warned: Emailing Jerry Michaels, their Director of Customer relations, will not resolve any problems you're having with any orders. He has yet to acknowledge my emails and after 8 months of waiting, enough is enough. Am I being unreasonable for expecting my product in less than 8 months? I think not! In fact, 8 months is more than excessive.

Do not to business with this company unless you want to make numerous phone calls to their customer service only to be told you need to email, or mail (yes USPS) a complaint to them. If you want to do business with a company that has customer service and supervisors that can actually resolve any legitimate complaints, DO NOT use THIS company.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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File complaint with:

Ohio Attorney General

Mike DeWine

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215


Since WRME has not responded with a FAVORABLE resolution to their recent notice to suspend shipment of future presidential coins, I took action today as I warned them I would.

I registered the following complaint with the Ohio State Attorney General.

"Product is paid for in full. Only HALF the total order has been filled. Although scheduled to ship quarterly over a nine year period (one coin every four months, a recent notice declares problems with continuance of regular shipments and possible unavailability of future coins. No refund was offered, instead substitute "medals" were offered. This was to be a 'collector's edition' uncirculated coin set when completed.

Substitution 'medals' are NOT acceptable."

"If the minted uncirculated coins purchased and already paid for in full can not be shipped, a full REFUND should be given. I am willing to return all coins already shipped."

I just received this Acknowledgement from them:

"Thank you for filing your complaint. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your complaint within 24 hours.

Your complaint reference number is: WMxxxxxxxxx30

If you have any additional information, please contact the Ohio Attorney General's Help Center at (800) 282-0515. Please have your complaint reference number ready."

All parties with similar complaints are invited to follow my lead.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #423769


Please accept my personal apology for the difficulty you have had in resolving your complaint. Please contact me directly and I will get this taken care of for you.


Mandi, Executive Assistant



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