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I have been collecting the Pres coins since 2007 and now they say we can't ship them because the govt. has stopped making them.

I see other ads from different companies that are still selling the coins. I have only half the coins which makes the collection useless.Let's not let these people off the hook and keep e-mailing and phoning them until they find a way to send us the coins we paid for.

Also we need certifcate that goes with each coin. If this gets into a law suit I would like to join in to see this to a positive ending

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I am wondering why other companies continue to send me my Presidential coins and have made no mention of the limited production from the U.S. Mint.

I paid for my Presidential Coins in advance and like any contract, when money is taken by one party, full services must be completed by that party or it is a "breach of contract." I will call you tomorrow and will either get my refund in full or I will go to my attorney...not a threat Mandi...a promise.

As a surgeon, I have plenty of money and legal precedent on my side. If other companies are still sending me my Presidential Dollars, why is your company unable to do the same and honor the contract we entered into.


WRME is playing the old bait-and-switch trying to place blame elsewhere, rather than taking responsibility for their lack of commitment to fulfilling their obligation to their customers.

By now we should all understand that the U.S. Mint will continue to produce the presidential dollars as scheduled. The only difference is the bulk availability and cost.

This is where WRME has tried to avert everyone's attention away from them, because their original plan to buy the coins from the mint and process and send them to the customers has been compromised by the new government decision to REDUCE the number of coins minted.

The reduction will mean more cost for WRME. But that should be THEIR problem - NOT their PAYING customer's problem!

Let's keep things straight. WRME has ALREADY been PAID-IN-FULL for sets that they now may have to pay more to complete. But they should NOT be expecting their customers to suffer for their loss!

The ONLY options they should be given is to complete the sets in FULL, or refund our money in FULL.


I also paid in full for two sets. I recieved a letter informing me of the possibility of not recieving more coins that gave me two options that are not agreeable to me, anything short of the coins promised or a complete refund for breach of contract is unacceptable.

The letter states I have to choose option A. or B.

by 2/29/2012 or these options may no longer be available. I see a class action suit in the future and have contacted my Attorney already.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #425876


Your letter did not say that you would not receive any more Presidential $1 coins. It was just alerting you that there was the potential that we may not be able to purchase them in the quantity that we need. We are actually quite hopeful that we will be able to continue getting the coins - we are only waiting to hear a final answer from the US Mint. Had you called me at the number I have listed on every post I would have happily told this to you directly. If you have any further questions please call me at 330-244-4121.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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