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My 84 year old mother who speaks very broken English got ripped off by WRME,

she received a box with three folders of uncirculated $5 bills, the included documentation had only a P.O. box address and an envelope to order more, no information on order origin or how to contact.

Mom has debilitating Parkinson's so she can't write or drive and uses a walker to get around the house.

most people don't understand her because she speaks mostly Dutch and very little English,

she did not and could not have ordered this product,

I didn't know where it originated so I decided to wait and see how she got billed for it,

(I have power of Attorney on Mom)

When the Discover card bill came in the following month there was a phone number,

I called WRME after being on hold for 30+ minutes I was told they have a 30 day return policy which had passed, no refund, no return.

I called Discover card next, told them we did not order this product how did they get her credit card number??

They reversed the charge and said they would look into it, two billing cycles later Discover re-charged the $168,

I called Discover to complain, Discover said WRME claimed it was a legitimate purchase,

I asked for proof, they said call WRME, (I already know that's a waste of time)

Discover also said that their (WRME) return policy was 90 days.......NOT 30

(which I've still never seen on paper) and which has since passed,

bottom line Mom got screwed and I got LIED TO when I called them to try to return it

42 days after purchase.

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Mandy, thank you for your response,

Mom told me you had left a message on her answering machine,

she doesn't have the language skills to even understand your message or to return your call and does not answer the phone unless she personally knows the person calling, that has always been her procedure, with that said I don't understand how she could have placed an order, also she will not spend any money on anything and she certainly would not give out her credit card number over the phone.

I have tried to call you three times and only get an answering machine,I cannot leave a return number because I am a boat Captain and most daytime hours I am outside of cell phone range.

If you are sincere about wanting to resolve this issue please contact me by E-mail

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #439184


I was able to locate the recording of the call for this order. From your description it appears that your mother did place this order. She even apologized for her accent and said, "I hope you understand." Please call me and I can arrange for you to return the product and I can also allow you to listen to a portion of the call so that you can confirm that this was your mother on the phone. I called and left a message on the phone number that was provided when the order was placed (it ends in 2822) and also asked for a return call. My number again is 330-244-4121.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #436294


Please call me as soon as possible and I will personally look into this. We do record our phone calls for quality so I should be able to easily locate and listen to the original sales call associated with this purchase to identify who made the purchase. Whether your mother placed the order or not we will gladly refund the purchase upon your return of the merchandise due to the extenuating circumstances. Our general return policy is 30 days but we do allow 90 days for our Presidential $1 coin series which is where the confusion likely occurred. I can be reached at 330-244-4121 until 5:30PM EST.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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