I have purchased the Presidential Coin Collection. Each new uncirculated coin was to be sent to me every 3 months..

I paid for the collection and the frame for each coin to be mounted in. I have received 19 coins out of 40. The 20th coin never came. When I called, I was informed that they will no longer be making these coins.

That they will be sending me "metals" in place of the $1. gold presidential coins. They look the same, will be encapsulated and will fit in the frame. REALLY?

What am I supposed to do with 20 gold presidential coins and 20 "metals".. or they will send me $20. the face value of the coins I have not received. We all know that the "value" is not with an individual coin, the value is the entire framed and completed presidential gold coin collection.

That is not what I will be receiving now. Anyone involved in a lawsuit or planning a law suit let me know. This is not right and surely feels like a scam. I have the newspaper showing the completed frame.

They have the coins. They are probably going to keep them in the vault for 20 years, then bring them out as "oh we found lost presidential gold coins", want to buy one for $50. each.... Liars, all of them....

Very upset and disappointed in the World Reserve Monetary Exchange..

Oh, I called Mandi Snyder - Assistant to the President of the WRME and left her a vmx. Her phone # is 330-244-4121...

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Long Beach, California, United States #676085

After many months of frustration I contacted the OHIO Attorney General's Office whose jurisdiction covers WRME. Several communications were necessary between them & WRME.

The result was that I finally received a full REFUND from WRME in March 2013!

Anyone who still feels the need to further resolve this issue is urged to contact the Ohio Sate Attorney General.

There are already similar cases open. Just refer to WRME Presidential Coin Scam.

Brecksville, Ohio, United States #675757

I use to work for this deceptive company who basically scams elderly people into buying junk and uses deceptive tactics to trick then into authorizing charges. Rodney Napier owns this company and founded a barely legit non profit called the granted wish foundation.

My advice would be report anything this company sends you to the BBB and attorney general. They are well know for the heat surge Amish made fireplaces which are only glorified space heaters. I'm ashamed to have ever worked there as are most. Buyer beware!

He's basically the joke of canton Ohio, who is only given the slightest respect because of his money.

His best friend runs his non profit without qualification. Scary place!


WRME is not providing an option for their customers to get their money back, even though WRME will not guarantee delivery of the overpriced items the customers have already paid for! Why am I not surprised?

WRME appears to be a deceptive organization and I would love to be part of a class action suit. I have no illusions about ever receiving compensation, but would love to see a pound of flesh carved from WRME chest.



I think you are misrepresenting the case by saying that it is the Obama administration's fault. I called the US Mint and they are continuing to issue these coins through 2016 (with President Ford). Therefore, to tell your customers that they are not being minted any longer is incorrect and misleading.

I see that you are only offering refunds on the coins, but not the items that were sold to display the collection or house them. Since the promotion of these coins was as a SET, then you should also refund the display gallery for them as the company is not able to complete the set that many customers paid in advance and expected to receive. When I called the World Reserve Monetary Exchange's customer service about this, they simply said "they did not have an answer" for this.

It sounds as if the company does not have a proper response to this situation and the customers feel like they have been "had." If the coins are still being minted, the World Reserve Monetary Exchange should either provide the coins or provide refunds for all coins and associated items with them.


I just spoke directly to Mandi @ World Reserve Monetary Exchange via telecom

(330-244-4121). She informed me that they are continuing to seek a means of

fulfilling their customer's request for the $1 coins from the U.S. Mint.

I also spoke directly with the U.S. Mint and they informed me that the presidential

coins will still be minted through 2016 on schedule. The only difference is that they

will only be available to collectors of the UNCIRCLULATED coins.

Mandy @ WRME explained that their concern is that the bulk quantities that they

have been receiving from the MINT may not continue to be available to them.

She indicated to me that WRME was continuing to pursue the matter, and that the

ABEYANCE Option would allow existing customers the opportunity to remain in

good standing until other options may become available.

For those customers who are real collectors, obviously SUBSTITUTE 'Medals"

are not an attractive option. Whether or not WRME will continue to supply the

minted $1 coins, the coins WILL continue to be available from the U.S. Mint for

purchase through either their website or #800 phone-line.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #406569


I received one voicemail yesterday and returned that call so I am assuming that I did speak with you. For the benefit of others I will reiterate the basic points of the Presidential $1 Coin program.

First, please remember that the United States Mint mints and issues the Presidential $1 Coins. The World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc. does not mint these coins and it is not affiliated with any government organization. We purchase the coins, as they are released from the U.S. Mint, and distribute them to our customers. To date, 20 Presidential $1 coins have been minted and released (the coins are being struck in order beginning with George Washington). The most current coin to be released was James Garfield.

Second, I cannot stress enough that The World Reserve Monetary Exchange did not make the decision to suspend mass production of the coins. That decision was made by President Obama’s administration. Any future plans for minting or distribution availability rest solely with the authority of the U.S. Government.

In response to these circumstances that are beyond our control we are communicating with our customers– both in writing and as I communicated with you -- and we ask that our customers please be patient and wait to hear from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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