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I made an order with this company and realized that I may have been tricked into a sham. I cancelled my order.

I was told that my check will have to be cleared for 10 days and then they will mail my refund. It has been a month and a week, I still have not received my refund! They say it mat take them 4 weeks to process the refund and for mailing. We all know how long it takes for a letter to be mailed from one state to another, it won't take weeks!

I have called 4 times about the refund and I still don't have it. Beware of this company.

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I have just received the refund from World Reserve Monetary Exchange. I thank Pissed Consumer for helping me and I sincerely thank the immediate action of Ms.

Mandi Snyder. She went to the department that processes the refund, identified the problem and had my refund shipped overnight. Thank you very much, Ms.

Snyder. I am no longer a pissed consumer.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #317894


Thank you for contacting me so quickly. As we discussed, I will have your refund check overnighted to you today. Again, please accept my sincere apologies for the mix up. I believe that what happened was that you originally told the rep that you were going to stop payment on the check. She cancelled the order but did not request the refund because of the stop payment. When the check ended up going through, the refund request was never properly made (on our end). I have spoken with the Director of Client Satisfaction to inquire why no one realized this and he is looking into it right now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can avoid a similiar situation in the future.


Mandi Snyder


Thank you Mandy. I will call you.

It has been more than a month, so if it takes 10 days clearing and 14 days to return the check, I should have had the refund already. I was told about the 10 days clearing for the check and I have accepted that.

What is not acceptable is they told me when I called after it has been there for more than 3 weeks is that it might take 3-4 more weeks. I even asked if I can speak with someone else higher to expedite the refund, they told me that they will try and put the note there but it does take that long.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #317849


If you contact me I would be happy to look into this and see what the delay is. You should have been told, when you placed your order, that checks do go into a 10 day holding period. This should have been told to you prior to the sale being completed so you could accept or decline this condition. Like most other companies, we refund in the same way we are paid. Since you paid with a check, you will be refunded with a check. Since this is a more manual process than issuing a credit card refund it does take some time - but generally check refunds are issued within 14 business days. Please accept my apologies as it does appear that there has been an error if you have been waiting for over a month. If you contact me at 330-244-4121 I will see to it that your check is sent out today (if it has not already been mailed).


Mandi Snyder

Executive Assistant

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