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I ordered the Presidential coins from both the Denver Mint and the Philledelphia mint through the World Reserve Monetary Exchange in Canton Ohio. Rodney Napier owner and CEO.

They have changed the presentation of the coin holders and identification of coins not less then three times.

these coins will be worth ZILTCH! NADDA! NOTHING!

It is not coheshive in apperance due to their changes. In the beginning there was tape across coins with ither D-mint or P-mint. Then tape. Then on the coin certificate ither d or p mint.

then NOTHING! Now they have changed the style of the CERTIFICATE. This is not what I ordered and paid up front for three years for. They have defaulted on the contract we entered!

SWITCH and BAIT in the final details. Not very trust worthy. They should fire their complete marketing team. They absolutely suck!

I was taken not once but twice as I ordered two sets! My next step is an attorney!

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:? ill tell any one any where i purchace acient coins fron all and i mean all walks of the world and i find that instead of getting scamed "look for" a thing called estates sales look where it says furniture and other thing because all not a few but all of these coin companys are scams they make billions off of other peoples *** and when you get your merchandise its acualie from the dam store down the street not from a mint keep in mind why would the rich let the public get there hands on something good remember never pay rent or coins online you are makeing the rich get ritch never let them get what they wont good luck and happy holidays

Hick 22

I too almost fell for their B.S. until I found this website.

I found an add in USA today, about their surplus armored safes, and thought I'd call the number on the add and wadda ya know I was one of the lucky winners of one of the safes that they supposedly were giving away for free. However this seemed too good to be true, so I looked them up online, and their website has absolutely nothing on it about free safes anywhere, so I decided to do a little research and found pissed consumer, and realized what a sham the company really is.

Thank you P.S.

for being here. You saved me from making a very costly mistake.

And from the comments I've been reading it sounds like someone needs to take up the reins, and sue these bastards for all they've got.


When i was on the phone with their people, immediately after i gave my debit card info (which was dumb on my part, lesson learned) he told me how they were gonna charge me with monthly fees and all sorts of charges. So i told them to cancel it and he said he did but go figure, i went to my bank right after i hung the phone up and money was already taken from my account. On top of it i never received any items yet and this was over 3 months ago.

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