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I am a customer who PAID IN FULL for the "Presidential $1 Coin Collection". I have been receiving the new uncirculated coins, one each on schedule as promised.

However, I received notification with my most recent shipment of the 'Garfield' coin that

this will be the last one due to the "Federal Government halting production"?

They offered three options and expect me to indicate my choice on a 'FORM G-20'.

NONE of the choices offered indicate that they will continue to ship the remaining

coins' as the Government Mints them. Instead they want me to believe that future coins

will NOT be available!

This is simply NOT the case, as reported by the U.S. Mint. The Mint clearly indicates

that production will continue, BUT only on a limited supply basis - to coin collectors.

The reason World Reserve Monetary Exchange isn't telling us this, is because the

future minted coins will cost MORE to secure, and they don't want to have to pay the

increased price, especially when they are already under contract to continue shipping

these future coins to collectors like myself, who have already PAID them.

Instead they (WRME) are trying to get us to agree to accept a SUBSTITUTION - a

"Limited Edition Presidential Medal" - NOT real $1 coins. Either that, or a store credit,

or 'renumeration' of face value ($1) per coin in four annual installments through 2016!

This is very unacceptable and deceptive. They are trying to get their customers to

agree to a change in CONTRACT mid-way through the period of the contract, in order

to avoid extra expense not anticipated by them.

Any competent attorney would tell you that this would constitute a breach of contract

on their part - UNLESS - they can get their customers to agree to the options being

offered by the so-called 'FORM G-20'.


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World Reserve Customers,

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to assist you in whatever way I can and/or answer any questions you may have. I can be reached at 330-244-4121 or via email at


Mandi, Executive Assistant


I fully agree with the premise that WRME has mislead it's customers and intends to continue this approach.I paid in full for two complete collections of Presidential Coins and expect that agreement to be fullfilled by WRME.

If I had wanted another product as listed as substitutions in the letter, that's what I would have ordered.I will file multiple complaints as suggested and will hope WRME understands its obligations to it's customers.


Here is what I just send to WRME in the mail. I definitely want to be part of any class action suit.

"In 2007 I paid $120.60 as payment in full for a set of 40 Presidential Dollar coins which included a portfolio to store the coins. To date I have received the portfolio and 20 of the 40 pre-paid coins.

Now I receive this letter from you that states that the U.S. Government has put on hold the minting and possible future bulk distribution of presidential dollar coins. You have offered me three options for going forward and none of these options is satisfactory.

Option A: You have offered no restitution options if in the future you cannot negotiate a future bulk distribution…that is even IF the government resumes minting said coins.

Option B: N/A--I have already paid in full for all 40 coins.

Option C: Having a portfolio for the 20 coins I do have in my possession does not interest me (particularly since you have placed a monetary value on it equal to the 20 missing coins), nor does a substitution of Presidential Medals, nor does store credit for $40, nor does a $20 reimbursement for the missing twenty coins.

I am ignoring your letter. The math does not work and neither do your options. You are obligated to fulfill your original contract or I demand a full refund. If you do not live up to your obligations, I will join your other dissatisfied customers in a class action suit against your company."



You are not being asked to pay anything additional. The letter you received was just making you aware of the circumstances (completely beyond our control) and provided you with some options. If you would like to continue receiving the coins you need to select Option A only and return your form. We have confirmed that we will be able to obtain Chester Arthur and will begin shipping in May to customers who returned their forms and agreed to wait.


Mandi, Executive Assistant


I would also like to know of a lawsuit being filed..I paid In Full for my coins and I want all of them without paying a dime more.

i will sue for bring contract.:(


I agree with everyone elso on this matter. I'm taking the same stance. Class action suit!


I have received this letter and intend to ignore it. I would also get involved with a class action if and or when it becomes necessary. I will continue to keep an eye on the net and hope that the outcry is heard and it causes these people to do the right thing.


Everyone file complaint with:

Ohio Attorney General

Mike DeWine

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215


And the problems persist . . . from the BBB:

An Ohio company that markets products ranging from portable electric heaters to uncut sheets of U.S. dollar bills is under scrutiny for what the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) calls “significant and ongoing concerns” over advertisements and business practices which the BBB believes have the capacity to mislead consumers. The company, Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings of Canton, Ohio, is best known for its full-page ads in newspapers and magazines that appear similar to news stories and which run in publications in Minnesota, North Dakota and nationwide.

“In our judgment, these problems have become so persistent and so flagrant we felt an obligation to alert the public,” said Dana Badgerow, President and CEO of the BBB. “Time after time, the BBB has expressed its concerns about the ads to the company. Time after time, the company has promised to make changes, only to come up with new ads that are just as troubling.”

Most of the BBB’s concerns involve ads for World Reserve Monetary Exchange and Heat Surge, businesses that are part of the Arthur Middleton holding company. The BBB has logged 207 consumer complaints involving World Reserve Monetary Exchange and 258 involving Heat Surge. Many complainants said they found the company’s business practices and ads misleading.


I too am very dissapointed in the WRME.I paid in full and expected to get the product in full.

Please keep me advised about the class action suit, as I will be happy to join.I would never order another thing from these people.

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