I feel ripped off by the WRME by purchasing the Presidential $1 coin back in 2007. I prepaid for two sets that we to be given to my nephews ages 10 & 11 years old.

The amount I prepaid was not face value of coins but significantly higher and now I read all these complaints. Without going into boring details I will submit a complaint to the Ohio BBB and see what happens. If you are considering buying anything from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange I stingily recommend you read the complaint here and don't do it.

Buy from a more reliable company that doesn't try to cheat its customers.

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So I contacted "Mandi" above. it's for real.

I'm choosing "option A". Bottom line, I originally purchased 2 sets, to be shipped "quarterly", as produced. I think that meant it would take 'til about 2016 to complete collection. From what I understand, mint will still produce all coins to original schedule.

Biggest issue is World Reserve's. As Mandi explained, they used to get big bags with, I think she said 180,000 coins each, and encapsulate. I'm an engineer, so I invision a simple 'apparatus' where I pour coins in one vibratory hopper and cases and lids in two other hoppers, turn it on, and out come encasulated coins. Now that the mint is not producing in "circulation quantities", they will order, and receive, rolls of 250 coins each, or something like that.

Looks to me like their (World Reserves) costs go up, due to added handling, incoming freight, etc, but other than that, I still get my two encapsulated coins, about four times per year. Maybe they will come back and tell me to help offset the added cost, they are going to hold and mail to me one time per year, or something else reasonable. Meanwhile, I'll choose to be patient and 'see' what happens before we talk about class action, etc. I really just want the entire collection I originally thought I was getting by sometime shortly after the last coin is scheduled to mint in 2016.

That's what I signed up for and paid for. bpensw in Alabama.


Many of you have posted similar complaints here on this Forum

indicating that you, like me, are unhappy with WRME's Presidential

Dollar Collection and their options for resolution.

Some of you have mentioned a Class Action Suite and expressed

a desire be included or receive more information regarding it.

To date, there is no cause for one, due to the relative few of us

who have begun to voice our complaints.

However, anyone who is serious about getting WRME to give us

a fair and just remedy to the present situation should register a

formal complaint through the Consumer Affairs Department at

the OHIO STATE ATTORNEY General's website:

ohioattorneygeneral DOT gov

[WRME Headquarters is in Ohio]



Please call me directly and I would be happy to discuss this with you. My number is 330-244-4121 and I am the assistant to the President.


Mandi, Executive Assistant


Has anyone ever gotten a direct answer re the Presidential Gold dollar collection, issued by the World Reserve Monetary Exchange? I order 3 sets, and foolishly paid for all three sets at time of order...over $500.00!

I think the options being offered are totally out of order. I wrote them twice, asking what they meant by the upcoming coins being "substantially" the same as the discontinued ones. And why do I have to wait half a lifetime to be re-imbursed for a purchase made so long ago? I am owed refund money for approximately 70 (3 sets) coins.

I am a 100% service-connected disabled Veteran and I am researching other courses of action.

So, if anyone out there knows the magic trick to contact these people about their insane "fix-it" policy, please let me know. Thanks!

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