I ordered 2 sets of Presidential coins, 1 P-mint, 1 D-mint in Sept 2011. They have been shipping incorrect and incomplete portions of the order since then.

They are still not up to date on the coins that were minted years ago. I have called numerous times and been told: 1) my order was miscoded 2) the balance is ready to ship 3) they will rush ship 4) they will call back and tell why things remain screwed up. I asked for email confirmation and they said they were not allowed but gave me the email address and name of a Jerry Michaels who was authorized to send an email.

He also did not respond when I sent him an email. 4 months to ship correctly what they have in stock is pathetic and customer service is either lying or ridiculously inept

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WRME is taking advantage of customer confusion over this issue.

WRME is playing the old bait-and-switch trying to place blame elsewhere, rather than taking responsibility for their lack of commitment to fulfilling their obligation to their customers.

By now we should all understand that the U.S. Mint will continue to produce the presidential dollars as scheduled. The only difference is the bulk availability and cost.

This is where WRME has tried to avert everyone's attention away from them, because their original plan to buy the coins from the mint and process and send them to the customers has been compromised by the new government decision to REDUCE the number of coins minted.

The reduction will mean more cost for WRME. But that should be THEIR problem - NOT their PAYING customer's problem!

Let's keep things straight. WRME has ALREADY been PAID-IN-FULL for sets that they now may have to pay more to complete. But they should NOT be expecting their customers to suffer for their loss!

The ONLY options they should be given is to complete the sets in FULL, or refund our money in FULL.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #425882


Please call me and I will see to it that these problems are corrected. My number rings directly to my desk and I can have this taken care of for you today. I can be reached at 330-244-4121.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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