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What can I say? I have a subscription to the presidential dollar collection for which I paid for three coins every quarter (3 months). Since about April 2010, the shipments are coming later and later and have ceased unless I contact them a few times at which time they feed me an excuse about how they have implemented a new computer system and that's the problem. Usually (not always) it then gets shipped. I've also had several shipments lost in transit, they tried telling me they confirmed delivery (using their new computer system) but when I asked how the *** can they confirm shipment when it is sent USPS first class, they balk. Eventually, the replace the shipment.

My problem is this: I MUST call or contact them in some fashion now to receive the merchandise. I am paid in full, and conspicuously once I was paid up they started delaying shipments. According to the new system which has a voicemail message, my latest shipment available August 17th, was postponed 6 times I know of. It was shipped (they said) 11/25/11 which was 94 days past the shipping date. The previous shipment was 91 days late being shipped. They keep blaming it on the new system.

I posted on here once I recieved an envelope plastered over with brightly coloured stickers "Audit notice" Included was a letter explaining how they have changed the terms of my contract with them, no more certificates of authenticity for me because it costs too much for them. I posted on Pissed Consumer, but cannot find that post again for some reason. I was then immediately contacted by WRME and they were apologetic and rectified this and put my order back to the way it was, and finally shipped my coins after 3 email exchanges.

The person was "Secretary to the President" of the company. I explained as I had in my post here that I have exhausted my calls and emails to them. THEN they take away the certificates which were included in the price of my subscription. Although this has been fixed in my case, I know that large companies such as WRME leech off of the consumer base and prey on people's ignorance and weaknesses. Yeah, you may not want the certificates, but since you paid for them they should deliver. I saw quite a few posts online about their "internal audit" but many are dated differently over the past year or so. I believe they selectively do this to trim costs which is why our country and economy are a mess. It is due in part to bad business deals.

During the email exchanges, the person who wrote me also called my phone (I didn't answer) wanting to fix this because they don't want the bad press probably. While only doing her job, I clearly stated that she is not the problem and she began trying to sympathize with me and blaming the new computer system and making the same excuses as the call centers. Now I have this documented, if the AG follows up, I now have even more printed evidence of how they conduct business.

I will not retract my letter to my state Attorney General as this appears a widespread problem that needs resolution. I recommend any concerned consumer to clearly state your issues with them and communicate this to your better business bureau or State Attorney General. I've done so in the past twice, and gotten results. If the AG can't help you, they will forward your message to the necessary agencies. This is something needing to be fixed. Don't be a victim here, or stand idle.

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call MANDI Snyder #330 244-4121,but do not let her bull S--- you. She is saying to choose option A but do not, and she also said that there are very few complaints another lie.Keep the complaints coming.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #395753


As stated in an email to you on Nov. 22, 2011 I said, "If you remain dissatisfied please let me know and I can arrange for you to return your collection for a full refund." This offer still stands.




In direct response to my posting above, and to Mandi's response to my post I can only say this:

Good luck. I have kept relevant corrspondence, the response to the Attorney General, and other written responses and they do not mesh, and the information provided to me does not match up. This is my grievance. My shipments come late, they have changed the terms of my subscription, then they respond with excuse after excuse. I had inquired about a refund early, a few months after ordering, it is not refundable because it is a subscription, etc. I have no problem with this because it makes sense, but since I'm stuck with it, I simply want what they told me I would get.

as for proof of going above and beyond... I fail to see how fulfilling an order goes above and beyond. Which by the way was not the case, I was told in writing I would continue recieving orders as before (with certificates of authenticity) my next filled order came without, and it was 90 days after ship date.

I have little to say, results speak for themselves.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #395696


Thank you so very much for your service to our country. Please call me directly and I will personally ensure that your missing coins are sent to you. I will be out of the office on vacation next week but if you leave me a voicemail with your account number I will see to it that your missing shipments are sent out first thing when I return on January 3. My phone number is 330-244-4121 and my email is


Mandi, Executive Assistant


Apparently I am not the only individual that is not happy with how your company does business and does not take care of it's paying customers. I called the WMRE on 14July2010 and had them update my address, which they failed to do.

I am a retired military veteran that was medically retired in 2010 due to injuries received in Afghanistan. My family and I moved and I was under the impression the address was corrected since I had called to provide my new address. I lost track of my purchase due to dealing with medical issues, moving and reestablishing myself into the civilian work force. I purchased the Presidential Coins as a gift for my son and now the WRME has informed me that I have to repurchase the five coins that they sent out to my old address and that my order was canceled Jun 2011 without explaination.

Is this how the WRME treats it's customers and veterans? I am appauled and so should everyone reading this comment!

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #381782

I did speak with the person who posted this comment. I did not call him for fear of "bad press" - I call EVERY dissatisfied customer when I become aware of them.

This customer was offered a more than fair resolution to his complaint which he refused. I also offered him an honest explanation for his delay which he seemingly does not believe. I have also saved the email records and will happily include them in our response to the Attorney General complaint as proof that we went above and beyond to fully satisfy Mr.

Ostrander's complaint.


Mandi, Executive Assistant


Somebody actually buys this ***?

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