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My dad ordered a box of "uncirculated" 2006 jeffferson nickels. I've never opened one of the rolls but I got curious today and opened one.

The coins are not in mint condition and there are color variations on some of them. definitely not a perfect coin in the whole roll. Lots of scratches and other imperfections. There is an identical scratch mark on each coin at the beginning of the roll.

I am not sure what the goldish, coppery hue on some of the coins is.

There was not much information included with the coins. Basically I have 25$ in nickles.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Lakeview, Oregon, United States #213279


Please be rest assured that what you see on your coins is common. From what you have described you are seeing the natural toning that occurs to coins and the bag marks. PCGS - A top coin grading firm says, "Toning is a term for the color seen on many coins. There are infinite shades, hues, and pattern variations seen, the result of how, where, and how long a coin is stored. Every coin begins to tone as it leaves the die, as all United States coins contain reactive metals in varying degrees." This does not affect the grade of your coins or indicate that they are uncirculated. We purchase our coins directly from the US Mint so please be assured that they are uncirculated. In regards to the scratches on the coins these are referred to as "bag marks" - as per PCGS this can be a "generic term applied to a mark on a coin from another coin; it may, or may not, have been incurred in a bag." When we receive the coins from the US Mint they come to us loose in very large bags. It is expected that they will have some surface scratches from the minting process and transportation.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Client Satisfaction department at 1-866-282-6587.

Thanks so much!

Mandi Snyder

Executive Assistant

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