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I have now been waiting on hold for 3 hours trying to get the matter resolved. They overcharged me by $1100.00.

I ordered 5 ballistic rolls which I have recieved and they charged me for 15 ballistic rolls. The lady who took my order had me on the phone for over an hour. She had problems getting the order to go through. There was a problem with their system.

I have tried to call to get this resolved each time I call I am placed on hold and each time I have been on hold for over three hours. This time I took a picture of my cel phone to document the fact that I have been on hold for that long.

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Lakeview, Oregon, United States #26224

Hi, this is Chris Pugh, communications specialist for the World Reserve Monetary Exchange.

We’ve taken significant steps recently to upgrade our customer service. These solutions have included increased staffing, extended hours and improved product handling methods.

Please call 1-866-282-6587 to have your problem addressed.

Anoka, Minnesota, United States #3677

Funny you should say that.I have to wait 3 hrs for them to answer me? I dont think so.

Customer service is never that long.Besides I too bought off them and I'm wishing I didnt.

*** artists. Their stuff is going back to them.They didnt charge my cc when I asked them to.Somethings fishy about these guys

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