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I am very dissatisfied with the service i recieved from the WMRE people. I was charged for the entire order at once when I had requested to only be charged the down payment and be billed accordingly the next few months.

instead, they billed me the entire amount to my credit card in an excess of $700 dollars. I've tried to contact the repeatedly and i keep being told that customer service will contact me within 72 hours and i have fallen for that line two times already and still i have not recieved a phone call from their so called customer service department.....World Monetary Reserve Exchange is opperated by a bunch of usless and unethcial theives.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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File #20539243-030673

Received the 2007 State Quarter Collection, with TWO Idaho coins. Need the Utah coin.

Hope I will be able to get the 2007 uncirculated Utah coin.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #23449

Hi, this is Chris Pugh, communications specialist for The World Reserve Monetary Exchange.

We’ve taken significant steps recently to upgrade our customer service. These solutions have included increased staffing, extended hours and improved product handling methods.

Please call 1-866-282-6587 to have your problem addressed.

Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States #11347

Please read my post, titled "WRME threatens to sue for posts! " I think it is under the "cons" subheading.

I worked at one of the call centers, NOT WRME, over 300 miles away from WRME. We were forced to push sales with verbatim scripts- of what many many callers said was ***-more than 1 caller told me they had their coins appraised as "worthless." I was screamed & yelled at, cussed out more times a day than I can remember, by people thinking they were calling WRME, and I was at an order processing center, had never been to WRME, had no idea what their merchandise looked like, other than black and white copier picture, was never shown any of the coins the entire 1 month I worked there. I couldn't scam people out of their money, so I quit. I posted my story on a coin collecting site, which already had complaints listed regarding WRME.

Now an atty from WRME has contacted the site, demanded (and the website administrator complied) the article be taken down, and that he "reveal the identity and source of the fraudulent, libelous lies against us..." She also stated falsely (she doesn't know I was made aware)-that WRME does not employ people outside of WRME headquarters and that the few that are outside the building are within 50 miles of the headquarters. I have never been to WRME, was not employed there, and received probably 100 or more complaints from irate customers because they thought they were calling WRME when dialing the order number to complain, who described their coins as "garbage," "worthless," "scam," that they called customer service day after day and the line always rings busy, or probably 2 dozen or more told me they were told that "somebody will get back to you in 3 days, but that nobody ever called them back. I talked to people who said they never ordered, nor received merchandise but there were hundreds or thousands charged to their credit card, people who said they returned whatever they ordered months ago or that they had cancelled what they ordered but their credit cards were still being charged.

As mentioned above by "former Employee of WRME," they sell heaters, vitamins and other stuff, yet in the atty's letter to the coin site administrator she said they don't sell anything but coins, & that it is all of the highest quality.

"Former Employee," care to comment on the truth or fiction of everything I have said here?

It looks like I and the coin site adm are protected under the law. I also intend to contact authorities regarding what they have done and threatened to do.

Zelienople, Pennsylvania, United States #8530

Unfortunately I worked for this company approx. a year ago.

They are a COMPLETE scam.

I'm sure they added other items to your order without you knowing. When I worked there were basically told to lie to people. Which is why I no longer work there. They go under a bunch of different names so in the future don't buy anything from PatentHealth, WRME, HeatSurge..

and I'm sure there is more.

If you are still having issues with your money call this number 330-966-9000. It's the front desk's number.

Good luck and I'm sorry you had to deal with this awful company!

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