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I am a memeber of the Presidential Dollar Program. When I joined you simply made monthly payments for the first two years and then just sit back and collect the coins sent to you four times a year. Nothing more to pay for the rest of the ten year program. We are now in year five of the program. I noticed it was time for the next dollar to come out and upon looking at my collection, I noticed that the coin prior was not there. I called customer service only to be told that there is a ninety day policy for coins not recieved.

At first listen this sounds like a solid way to do things. My rub is this: I was never given notice about a ninety day policy. There was nothing sent that stated this to me. I recieve a calender every year with the release dates from the United States Mint. This does not tell you the ship dates or when to reasonable expect them. Multiple calls and e-mails have returned the same result, that's the policy and that is exceptions...

The customer service lady said that they could not simply resend missing shipments passed 90 days because that would cost alot of money. You know I could see this response if I had experienced this problem before and had to be reshipped in the past. I was told the shipment could be resent for thirty dollars plus shipping. The shipment is a tube that contains 12 coins and you get another one encapsulated on a card, these coins were released from the US Mint in May, shipped sometime in June, but are still currently worth thirteen dollars. This just doesn't seem like a high price to pay to do the right thing.

So while I get policies and procedures, I just wonder why it is you only find out about this policy when you do not recieve a shipment. I just feel I paid for something that I did not get. I also do not think it is unreasonable to realize you have missed a shipment when it is time to recieve the next one. They are only shipped four times a year, but not every three months. This has never been a problem before. The coins have been coming like clock work for more than four years. Now I will have a gap in my collection that will ultimately depreciate the value of the finished collection.

So now instead of sitting back for the next five years and letting the shipment come in, I will now be on the phone when each coin is released trying to find out when the coin will be shipped and counting ninety days. So much for the joys of collecting. If you are a memeber of this club, please take a lesson from this complaint and watch your shipments.

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Yes folks, Mandi is right.She re-sent my missed shipment and even e-mailed me a tracking number to track the progress of the package.

She was the most helpful person I encountered.

I wish I had known her number in the beginning, I would have have saved three phone calls and numerous e-mails.Thanks again Mandi!

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #378654

UPDATE: Toberac did call me and had his complaint fully resolved to his satisfaction.This is why I encourage customers who are unsatisfied to call me directly.

I'm more than happy to help in whatever way I can.



Lakeview, Oregon, United States #376845


Please give me a call so I can take care of this for you right away. I can be reached at 330-244-4121 or at


Mandi Snyder, Executive Assistant

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