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world monetary reserve has put an additional charge onto my cc without my approval and they wont ans their phn for this to be corrected. you have to wait almost 3 hrs just to get a customer service associate to ans, im still waiting .

what kind of place is this . How am i suppose to get my money back if they dont ans their phn line.. there has to be a way to fight this kind of bs . does anyone know how to get thru to these people ..

please advise if you know how !!!

i hope all people who have been affected by this company pull together and get this co. for what they have done to them ..ty

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Its very obvious that the post above "f" from North Canton is someone who works for the company. That is where its based at. Another scammer; why don't you get a real job and earn a decent living instead of ripping people off?

As someone who dealt with this before: I would advise everyone to call your credit card company directly. They will give you the money back. I did the same thing because I called the next day and they lied saying the package was already shipped. It was obviously not since it took a good 3 weeks to get there and the package was dated after the call took place. Don't even bother with these scammers or their representatives.

From what Visa told me on the phone they have reversed a lot of charges against these people- they had no problem doing that for me and didn't even ask for proof that I sent it back. The best thing is to call your credit company or your bank and explain. It might be harder to get through with a bank but I am positive all the major credit companies already know about these people and their scam. You will get much further with your bank or credit company than these people- they use ever dirty trick in the book from not answering, telling you that you have to call later, putting you on hold for hours to flat out lying. Don't deal with any company like this- you will get much further with whatever financial institution you used to pay for it.

The fact they have phony posting on here telling people its their own fault- that's another hallmark of a scam company. You guys couldn't make it more obvious. If you're going to put trash like that blaming consumers for your scam and flat out lying to make yourselves look better and more legit- you could at least try to post from a different city so it doesn't show up the same as the one the company is based in! Duh!


I ordered the $1 uncut bills and decided a few hours later that it might not be a good investment. I called back and got through easily.

I was able to cancel my entire order with no problems at all. The pre-authorized approval was taken off my credit card.

I don't see what the problem is with all the complaints. Maybe some of you tried to cancel too late.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #358832

If you have a question or a concern please contact me directly and I will attempt to quickly resolve any complaint. I have previously provided my direct phone number and email so that any customer can contact me and get their issue addressed.

As with any business, sometimes things don't happen like they should. When something goes wrong or you are not satisfied I want to hear about it. Generally I am unable to locate a customer's account with the information provided in these comments and posts so it is not possible to address the complaint.

Again, if you are having a problem please don't hesitate to contact me at 330-244-4121 or


Mandi Snyder, Executive Assistant


I saw the add in Metro Magazine on 9/22/11 about uncut $1 bill sheets and was so excited to place the order ASAP. Representative was very nice and mentioned that it will take 5-7 days bus.

days for shipping. So I waited 5 bus. days and then I called, the auto-message stated it will be shipped on 10/5/11, then I called next day and message stated it will be shipped on 10/10/11 and the following day the same story, The expected shipping was continued to be delayed. When I called representative to ask what's up they stated that the order was back ordered (while when I called on 9/22/11 it was in stock).

Finally, I read this "wonderful" and many other reviews and realized that is totally scam. So I spent today the whole day being on hold to call them and cancel the order. I mentioned to representative that "you guys have horrible reviews", they stated there is always will be good and bad it's normal... also she (Daniela)said that my order is not back ordered anymore and will be shipped any minute:

) anyway I cancelled it just now, no confirmation number of it, I just had to call again, enter my order # and auto-message will tell me that my order is cancelled.

Of course it wasn't.

Thanks God I used AMEX for it, so was no problem to dispute the charge. I'm an accountant and hate myself for being so *** :(


? Why don't you tell your bank then you will get results. :grin


They have pulled this BS on me too. I am currently trying to get my acount refunded. They have overcharged me as well.I hope somebody reads our comments and doesn't get treated like this.


Attorney General Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania reaches agreement with World Reserve Monetary Exchange On July 28, 2009 an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance was filed in Commonwealth Court by Attorney General Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. A settlement was reached with Universal Syndications, Inc., doing business as World Reserve Monetray Exchange and World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc. (collectively WRME) over alleged unclear and deceptive advertisements.

According to the agreement, the ads did not adequately disclose the amount and denomination of currency that consumers would receive; that currency offered as "free" could only be obtained with the purchase of other items; that the time-sensitive nature of the ad was not national in scope; or that WRME was not affiliated with a government or banking entity.

According to the agreement, WRME will refund the purchase price to consumers who return their merchandise to WRME by September 26, 2009.

Under the agreement, WRME paid investigative costs of $38,000 and agreed that future advertisements will clearly disclose that it is a private corporation not affiliated with the United States Government and that it is not a bank; that its ads are in fact advertisements; the denomination and amount of the advertised currency that is being offered for sale; the cost of merchandise that is being offered for sale and what must be purchased in order to obtain "free" items; and that limited-time offers may be available in other locations at other times.

Corbett said that consumers seeking refunds must notify WRME by returning their originally purchased merchandise to World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc., 3939 Everhard Road N.W., Canton, OH 44709. The merchandise must be returned by September 26, 2009, using a delivery method that requires WRME to acknowledge receipt or otherswise confirm delivery was made.

May 2008, in Suffolk Superior Court, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by its Attorney General Martha Coakley and Universal Syndications, Inc. ("UniSyn") entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance for conduct The Attorney believes and which UniSyn denies violated the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act by running misleading advertisements for the sale of sheets of uncut currency and uncirculated coin. On or before entry of this Assurance, UniSyn shall pay $89,000 to the Commonwealth, including a $7,500 civil penalty, $42,500 to the Attorney General's Local Consumer Aid Fund, and the remainder for the Attorney General's fees and costs.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #29392

to: chris and brooke (5/3/2008)

the charges wouldn't amount to that much. if you had paid attention to the operator when you ordered, you would know that they don't charge for the full ten years. you have it paid off before the ten years of SHIPMENTS are complete. a lot of problems would be solved if people would just start paying attention.

Whites Creek, Tennessee, United States #13173

Hey I tried 1-866-282-6587 and got right through. My story is I ordered the coins, gullably, and immediately thought better of it.

So I called them back to cancel they made up some lie about they've already been shipped. Yea, ok ? - so I refused the package when they tried to deliver it. When I spoke to the lady at that number above she said that my order status was in processing for a refund as of yesterday and that it might not show up in my bank acct.

I will keep you posted on this to see if I actually recieve a refund.

If so, this looks like the way to go to get money back. Hope this helps.

Mauldin, South Carolina, United States #8718

Similar problems here. My nearly completely deaf, mildly senile grandpa got sucked into this coin thing, and now he's hospitalized, and I am paying his bills, and I haven't been able to stop it because:

A) they say they will call me back in 3 hours, but it may be 5-6

B) they won't do ANYTHING without me faxing a power of attorney form. And I do not have full POA.

These people are predatory. After a bunch of $18 charges I was going to just ignore, there is one for over $800 this month. It is so heartbreaking, because he thinks he is buying a special investment/gift for my children.

Moosic, Pennsylvania, United States #8229

I made the mistake of ordering my states quarter in rolls. I saw the ad in my local newspaper!

After I placed the order I came across several articles on this being a rip off. So I tried calling them to cancel and they said I had to call back in 24 hours. I freaked out that my card would continue to be charged so I closed it and am getting a new one in the mail. Don't fall for their bogus lies.

You are better of getting any rolls or dollar bills right from the U.S. Mint!

Tularosa, New Mexico, United States #5294

I can get through to them with no problem. I am doing the presidential dollars and have had no problems.

When I call them to tell me the status on an order they get right to it so I don't understand why all you people are having problems.

I never had to wait 3 hours for them to pick up the phone. So stop complaining about it people.

Bloomingdale, New Jersey, United States #4916

Agree with everyone on World Monetary Exchange being a rip off. Cannot contact anyone, or get response from email, concerning how to cancel or return items.

Phone operators take messages that are never returned, and email is never answered. Customer Service always has a 3-hour wait, regardlesss of time of day.

Martell, Nebraska, United States #4788

Same problem here, going through our bank to contest all charges, sending everything back. Ordred a $1309.17 order over ten years. Six mths into it they have charged us over $320- in 10 yrs their payments would exceed $6k

Saint Robert, Missouri, United States #4635

Attorney General were are you on these people?

Bolivar, Missouri, United States #4308

Placed an order with World Monetary Exchange 12-31-07 and they overcharged my CC. So contacted them to cancel returned the order, they received the order back on 1-17-08 and still haven't credited my account as of 2-28-08.

Now they have someone taking down the information and tell me I should get a call back in a day or two. HELP

Coldwater, Mississippi, United States #4098

I just received my bill and they charged me triple the amount in January, and I have called the customer svc. number and it just gives the hrs.

and hangs up, I have tried e-mailing and they are returned. I found a number on anywho which is 330-244-6019.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States #3889

I'm having the same problem myself. What a bunch of scumbags!

Try these numbers. Found them on another site. Apparently, we are not the only people having this problem.






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