I feel ripped off by the WRME by purchasing the Presidential $1 coins back in 2007, just as many of the other customers have written. I prepaid for two sets at $349.70.

Their refund is to refund the face value and not what they charged me. I don't know if that is legal.... So, I am waiting on the remainder of the coins. They also sent out a card to not get the rest of the coins and not give you a refund.

How can we get a class action suit against these guys? If you are considering buying anything from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange I recommend you read the complaints.

Buy from a company that doesn't try to cheat its customers. They have permanently lost my business.

Monetary Loss: $349.

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Actually, we already have Chester Arthur in our vault and are placing our order for Cleveland today. :)


Mandi, Executive Assistant


Im not from SC. Dont know where that came from. Lebanon, TN


Mandy, Mandy Mandy, still up to your old tricks. You have no money and will not be in a position to by any coins. C'mom now lets start to be truthful with these good people



Can you please give me a call at 330-244-4121? I'm not sure what card you are referring to. All customers are being offered the option to wait and continue receiving each coin we are able to obtain. We have already secured the first coin of 2012 - Chester Arthur - and will begin shipping this out at the end of May.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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