I ordered a "vault bag" of 100 coins for 129.95

and what I received was mostly nickels (63) and dimes(16)

Only 3 completely worn buffalo nickels with illegible dates, 3

worthless "V" nickels that were completely worn and the two promised

1800's coins were both low grade 1897 Indian head pennies got 1 ok mercury dime

1 heavily soiled. The walking liberty half was a heavily soiled and worn coin from

1943 a common year at best this coin goes for 10-15 dollars. Needless

to say I was very disappointed total value approx $40. This is totally

outrageous! Never buy anything from this crooked company!

Monetary Loss: $89.

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West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #897184

I am appalled that this company has the nerve to advertise... My father who is 87 years old fell for this hoax as well.

He unfortunately was suckered in to sending this company $443.00 for 5 bags of worthless pennies!!!! There were only two indian head pennies from 1906. I cannot believe the lack of integrity that they have shown...

I will be sure to share this with all of the people I know. How dare you!


I turned my ad from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange over to the local police department to investigate. The officer put the company name into the computer, and the list of complaints were too numerous to count!

I hope everyone thinks twice before sending their money for the "deal of the century" that requires immediate action!

Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #678805

If you really are a coin collector you should just stop. Also why would a company charge 129 for something worth 300?

They would just keep it right? You probably believe in chiropractic care, ufos, holistic medicine and are a 9/11 truther. Try opening your eyes, dressing yourself, and speaking English. Why are most complaints from Midwesterners.

I am from the south and I thought we were retarded. If you are over 80 or mentally handicapped, I apologize.

Otherwise you got what you deserved. This website should be called "weareeasilysoldtoreport.com.

to Tbub #750292

When a company advertises in a reputable newspaper, it can be very misleading. Shame on the papers for printing these articles as well.

If I pay a newspaper enough money can I run any scam I like as well? Hope the BBB shuts them down.


We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your recent purchase.

As the advertisement explained, “It’s hard to tell how much these Vault Bags could be worth. That’s because after they were loaded with over 100 U.S. Gov’t coins including: Silver, scarce, highly collectible, and circulating coins the dates were unsearched and the bags were sealed for good. But we do know that some of the coins date back to the early 1900s. That means any one of these Vault Bags could be worth a small fortune.”

Since coin values are subjective, I can’t tell you an exact amount for collector value. What I can tell you is; receiving a Walking Liberty half dollar in the condition you received would be worth between $22 and $325 dollars in collector value, according to “The Official Redbook a Guide Book of United States Coins”.


Valerie Moreland

Director, World Reserve

to WRME Monroe, Louisiana, United States #688008

"the bags were sealed for good" I am curious about this definition because the reports are the bags received haven't been sealed ,rather the bags received are from the company which carefully counted and sorted. So there is no hidden treasure , it as stated. the bags are junk

to Anonymous #991307

Every time I see those ads I always think no way anyone would fall for such an obvious sham. I guess I was wrong.

The company is clearly just trying to rip off people who are a little too trusting, but still its buyer beware here. If you fell for this, its really your own fault. There will always be someone trying to prey on your greed, stupidity, whatever you want to call it.

They even had the gall to come on here and claim that a "heavily soiled and worn walking liberty half from 1943 " is worth between $22 and $325.

These sell all over the internet for $10-$12. So that is just more BS.

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