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I just received the Unsearched Vault Bag of "1,000 old U.S. coins". When I ordered I asked if these were all old coins like in the photo. I was assured they were so I ordered. There was only 10 older, well worn coins in the bag, the rest were newer pennies, mostly 2011, some Canadian.

THIS IS A RIP OFF THAT NEEDS TO STOP! They do not refund the shipping and it cost me $11.27 to send this back.

This is a very dishonest company and everyone needs to know this.

When I talked to customer service they said the 2011 are historic coins. "Historic" does not mean Old. 2011 is not old, it is last years. I hope people stop buying from this company.

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Elgin, Texas, United States #931843

Thank you for all of your comments. This saved me an unknown amount that I would have definitely spent after receiving an email that I was one of a few selected to receive these vault bags for free + 19 shipping and handling.


Thanks to all of you HONEST people out there you just saved me the headache of not buying the SCARCE COINS that they said were in sealed bags.I also asked if the bags had ever been opened and I was informed that they were not and many old coins were in these bags.

I think that this company should be banned from ever selling anything if this is how they do buisness. I was dumb enough to order a bag but was smart enough to read your reviews and cancell my order in time the next day. I am also going to call my credit card company and have them cancel this order as well to assure my order is cancelled.

I will never buy from this company again, THAT IS FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grin :grin


I also chose to research the company before buying and I am very glad I did.I have heard nothing but bad reviews from these ripp offs.

Very glad this review was here or I whould have been dupped also.

Thank you for your comments!!



If these bags did contain rare and collectible coins, you wouldn't have to "sprinkle cool and historic coins" into these bags. That statement alone tells me the following

1 - You know what is in the bags

2 - Somebody has taken ownership of the poor findings and takes "rare and collectible" coins and puts a few into each worthless sack.

3 - Being able to execute #2 indicates those coins came from somewhere, so my guess is in the millions of "unsearched" pennies you have in bags.

Way to bring it home and make it right for the consumer. FYI - Lincoln cents aren't rare, and only a few have a value of more than 3 or 5 cents. So unless there are handfuls of 1909's or 1922D's, sounds like its a waste of money.


Thanks for this site and the feedback.I was prepared to buy the 1,000 Vault Bag but I decided to search the company fst.

Glad I did..I am not even considering this company again.(Hope this gets to them)



First off, please accept my apology for the response from Josh below. I have not been able to verify who this employee is but they certainly are not representing The World Reserve.

The exciting thing about the unsearched vault bag of 1,000 US Coins is that we have not searched through them to cherry pick out any key dates, error coins, die varieties or other prized collector issues. In fact, the World Reserve has taken some scarce coins, Presidential Dollars, and even a few antique coins and added them into the masses of other coins - mostly Lincoln cents, of course.

This is what collectors find exciting. Real collectors know "success is not always in the destination, it's in the journey." The thrill of the hunt is what makes coin collecting so much fun! As we promise in our ad, "Just imagine what you will find in these bags." With a few cool and historic coins sprinkled into the 1,000 coin bag, you are guaranteed to find some cool coins and possibly even find some real surprises!

While we're disappointed if this didn't meet your expectations, we certainly understand that it's not for everyone. If you purchased an unsearched vault bag of 1,000 US Coins and are not completely satisfied, you may take advanatage of our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and return it to us in its entirety for a full refund, less shipping.


Mandi, Executive Assistant.


Comment for Josh's comment he wrote, May 3, 2012, whom replies he works for the accussed company, and I'm sure he does: 1) Josh, crawl back into your hole.You didn't represent your company well at all.

2) Learn how to spell, and Quit sucking-up and take responsibility or stay out of cyber-space. Quit crying because someone has expressed a genuine concern about the product received vs the product being sold. You sounded like a "kid" standing up for his parent. Grow up dude.

:sigh THANKS!!

There, how's that feel.:grin Ya got it HUN?!!


Josh: Not a very professional response for someone representing a company.The bag I got was similar to the one represented by TKenergyz.

Not even close to what was promised in the article.

Not even 1000 coins. 3 Buffalo nickels, 3 V nickles, 3 Indian heads, 6 Canadian pennies and 2 Presidential dollar coins. If that bag was unsorted, I'm a monkey's uncle. You bet I will return it.

Total value (that I paid $100 for) is about $12.30.That's a scam.


Just an fyi for you hun!Those coins vary between what people get.

I work for this company, and no one is mis-leaing or causing any harm. You are given the info, and it is your decision to make, you take chance of getting crappy coins! You could also get coins with some real antique stuff, if you want a return quit whining and return it!


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