I do not think that the World Reserve Monetary Exchange is not acting in good faith in dealing with its $1 Presidential coin program. Here is the letter I sent to them. It was bounced back as undeliverable.

Ms. Snyder,

I received Jefferson Marshall's letter "IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PRESIDENTIAL DOLLAR PROGRAM CUSTOMERS" and am outraged by what seems to be a breach of contract, slanted/deceptive verbiage and poor business practices of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange.

If the World Reserve Monetary Exchange were operating with good customer service practices, the letter sent to customers would have outlined clearly what will occur if customer opt to wait and not used terms like "PROGRAM IN ABEYANCE". Additionally, if good service practices were used, a 1-800 contact phone number would have been identified in the letter rather that requiring customers to search the internet to find any possible resolution. I have seen many online posts regarding this situation and am lead to believe that the World Reserve Monetary Exchange is not acting in good faith.

Today, I found the following post at: http://world-reserve-monetary-exchange.pissedconsumer.com/just-got-my-letter-too-and-want-my-coins-or-a-complete-refund-20120126292253.html

Dear World Reserve Customers,

We understand and share your concern at the U.S. Government's recent announcement to stop production of the Presidential $1 Coins for circulation. We are in direct and frequent contact with the United States Mint and are actively seeking alternatives and solutions to this decision that was thrust upon us. Our #1 goal is to secure enough coins from the U.S. Mint to be able to continue fulfilling all customer orders. In the meantime, we have also proactively provided some alternatives in the event we are not able to secure the $1 coins or for customers who do not wish to wait for final resolution. As a responsible business, we want to have contingency plans ready should the U.S. Mint inform us it cannot produce the quantity of $1 coins needed to meet demand of all of our customers. No one is obligated to select one of these alternatives, but they are available should anyone wish to take advantage of them now.


- As you know, the World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc. does not mint any coins nor did it have any say in the Federal Government's decision to stop production of the Presidential $1 Coins in circulation quantities. This was a decision made by President Obama's Administration.

- The U.S. Mint will continue to strike Presidential $1 Coins, but it has not yet guaranteed that it will strike enough coins to fulfill the quantities needed by World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc. If necessary, we could purchase the coins in smaller quantities, but we still do not have confirmation from the U.S. Mint that it will strike the quantity of coins we need.

- Every World Reserve customer enrolled in this program was proactively sent a letter from The World Reserve informing them of the government's decision. While the goal is to ensure the coins can be obtained and shipments continue, the letter contains five options should the coins not be available in the end. The five options provide a wide range of alternatives to satisfy customers, including the option to simply wait until we have a definitive answer from the U.S. Mint (Option A).

- If a customer wants to continue receiving the coins they should select Option A only. Once we are made aware of the U.S. Mint's decision we will communicate with those customers accordingly.

For any customer who has additional questions please contact Mandi Snyder directly at 330-244-4121 or by email at MSnyder@TheWorldReserve.com. It would be her pleasure to assist you.


The World Reserve Monetary Exchange, Inc.

The letter from Jefferson Marshall does not clearly identify either in layman's terms.

Please identify what I need to do to for both of the options below:

"¢ Receive certificates of authenticity for each coin received without further charges AND continue to receive the contracted product

"¢ OR

"¢ Receive a full refund

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Note: I am sending this to Mandi as well

I am utterly dissappointed in WME. When I thought we had averted the scam that was recently attempted to be imposed upon us, I am like most other consumers and paid for my sets in full years ago. Now I am stuck with a collection that may or may not be continued. I am offered a poor substitute in the Medal collection. I am required to make a decision by Feb 29th that may or may not complete my collection with no definitive date of resolution. I made the decision years ago to purchase the collection in full so I would be assured a completed collection as promised.

I think the solution would be:

1. give me back all my money I paid up front or

2. complete in full and fill my collection agreement that I made with WME.


Everyone file complaint with:

Ohio Attorney General

Mike DeWine

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215


We all need to get together and find an attorney who will file a class action suite on our behalf. I am working to see that they don't stick it to others.

I will not rest till they are out of business. Every one should start by filing a complaint with Attorney General State of Ohio.


The coins a still being minted. WR might have to pay a little more to pre-order but they are available.


Since WRME has not responded with a FAVORABLE resolution to their recent notice to suspend shipment of future presidential coins, I took action today as I warned them I would.

I registered the following complaint with the Ohio State Attorney General.

"Product is paid for in full. Only HALF the total order has been filled. Although scheduled to ship quarterly over a nine year period (one coin every four months, a recent notice declares problems with continuance of regular shipments and possible unavailability of future coins. No refund was offered, instead substitute "medals" were offered. This was to be a 'collector's edition' uncirculated coin set when completed.

Substitution 'medals' are NOT acceptable."

"If the minted uncirculated coins purchased and already paid for in full can not be shipped, a full REFUND should be given. I am willing to return all coins already shipped."

I just received this Acknowledgement from them:

"Thank you for filing your complaint. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your complaint within 24 hours.

Your complaint reference number is: WMxxxxxxxxx30

If you have any additional information, please contact the Ohio Attorney General's Help Center at (800) 282-0515. Please have your complaint reference number ready."

All parties with similar complaints are invited to follow my lead.


I agree and very disappointed... This will make my collection worthless

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #422202


Had you contacted me at the number or email listed above I would have happily answered any questions you asked. I'm not sure why your email was returned as undeliverable. Please check to see that you had the correct address. Our Customer Service can be reached at custserv@theworldreserve.com or via phone at 866-282-6587. I can be reached at msnyder@theworldreserve.com or by phone at 330-244-4121.


Mandi, Executive Assistant

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