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Hello, 2 years ago I order the presidential coin set, submitted some of the money, received a few coins ,could not finish the rest of my order due to a layoff of job.

I have moved a few times sice then but I have normally been somewhere long enough to finally have gotten through to them on the phone ( after a 3 Hour Wait) and a lot of proving who I was and that I did have an order to begin with.

The World Monetary Exchange owes me right around $49.00, and I would like to give them another chance to return my leftover money on my order, as I have a good new address that I will be available at for 4-6 weeks.

I am still without enough spare money to keep my order as it was, though I loved the 2 coins and the carrying case and would have enjoyed to have been able to collect the entire set and the quarters also (which I believe the $49.00 was over, Sincerely, AndrewBurkart 1315 N. 15 th st. Waco TX 76707

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