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Last fall 2010 I ordered a set of state quarters. I received them and was pleased.

I was surprised this May, 2011 when I received 2 sets of four state dollars that I had not ordered. I really became alarmed when a cabinent arrived shortly after, and I was billed twice on my credit card, Upon my call, I was sent an online label and used it to return the one set of dollars and the cabinent. The first set sounded like it was a freebie from the letter I received with it. They refunded half of their charges.

After placing repeated (four) calls to their company this summer, one customer service gentleman finally advised me to return the first set of dollars for the balance of my refund and that the cabinent had been "free". I immediately sent the set of dollars back and it was immediately returned to me with a letter stating it was "90 days" past the time I received it and therefore could not be returned. If one of the first three customer service representatives I spoke with had told me that, they would have had it back within the timeframe.

I could not get a supervisor to talk to me or call me back even though I was promised one would within 48 hours.

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After contacting Mandi, I resent the box of $2 bills to them. Today I received the credit for them. I'm so glad they have Mandi to take care of us disgruntled customers!


I emailed Mandi, she says they will refund my money after I send them back the merchandise. :)

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